General Janitorial Cleaning

Ideal For All Building Types

Our General Janitorial Cleaning service is the most common service our clients use. This service caters to the majority of our client's needs. From Offices and Lobbies to Restaurants and Showrooms. Keeping your building clean and sanitized will lower employee sick days and give your customers and employees a safe, healthy enviroment to occupy.

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Sea Breeze Cleaning Services General Janitorial Cleaning Ensures:

All garbage recepticals emptied, liners replaced, garbage transferred to collection point.
(client must supply liners)

Vacuum carpeting.

Clean, polish, and disinfect water fountain/drink cooler.

Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces, including desktops, windowsills, baseboards, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings.

Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove spillage as needed.

Dust mop all hard surface flooring.

Damp mop all hard surface flooring.

Clean and polish all entry way, and partition glass.